Chronotope Project: Dharma Rain

New Release - Dharma Rain

This stunning triptych builds on the style cultivated in previous releases, layering scintillating electronic sequences, lush atmospheric pads, gently percolating percussion and long lyrical melodic lines into an integral whole. The themes of all three tracks marry seminal concepts in physics, cosmology and spirituality.

"Each successive album I have had the pleasure of hearing by Chronotope Project has taken it to the next level, and Dharma Rain continues this evolution. I especially enjoy listening to this music with headphones to be fully immersed in the richness of the sound, as well as tuning into all the subtle nuances and ear candy that accentuate the recording. This is an album that bears repeated listening, revealing hitherto unheard treasures each time."     —Michael Diamond,  Music and Media Focus

"The meticulously composed, excellent produced and mastered "Dharma Rain" is highly recommended for those who have a deep love for Buddhist-inspired, vibrant textural ambient music."        —Bert Strolenberg, Sonic Immersion Review