Creation Myth

Sorrows impregnate; joys give birth.  —Goethe 

In the beginning, there was only Sorrow. Alone, in the darkness, she wept for a thousand years, and the pools of her tears became the seas.

Then Sorrow was weary, and lay down to sleep. She dreamt of another, who called himself Joy. He told her that if she could remain awake, they could be united, and she would never be lonely again.

Sorrow awakened and cut off her eyelids. These became the vault of Heaven and the belly of the Earth.

Sorrow and Joy embraced and entwined themselves in ecstasy, until each became fecund with Being. Rivers, rocks, living things, stars all flooded into the twin vessels, overflowing in all directions.

Then Sorrow and Joy looked upon the fruit of their union and descended to live among their children. They have remained ever since.

                                                                                                    —Jeffrey Ericson Allen