Passages - CD

Available at: Spotted Peccary Music

Informed by the language of archetypes and potent literary symbols, the album extends the composer's evolving style of musical storytelling. Its forms and phrases are not linear, but spiral and labyrinthine maps to unconscious regions. Rich sonorities combine atmospherics, drones, pads and solo synths, tabla and frame drum, bells and throat singing, pulsing synthesizer sequences, breathy textures, lapping water, and the expressive, protagonistic voice of the Haken Continuum Fingerboard, a core element of Chronotope Project's signature sound.

Dawn Treader - CD

Cinematic in scope and depth, the majestic Dawn Treader is Chronotope Project’s first full length release on the Spotted Peccary label. Jeffrey Ericson Allen is the sole creative force behind the music, and he skillfully balances the compositions between mystical, ambient dreamscapes and organic, emotional melodic statements. The soundscapes – drawn from a variety of sources spanning ambient electronic, Western classical, and traditional world music – are textural, compelling, evocative, and meaningful. This release has been aired on Hearts of Space, Echoes, Galactic Travels, Star's End and Night Tides.

Available at Spotted Peccary Music

Dharma Rain - CD

This lucious three-track album continues and extends the style cultivated in previous releases, layering scintillating electronic sequences, lush atmospheric pads, gently percolating percussion and long lyrical melodic lines into an integral whole. The themes of all three tracks marry seminal concepts in physics, cosmology and spirituality. Featured on "Hearts of Space"

Event Horizon - CD

Each piece has a strong sense of gravimetric pull toward a central motif: entering the soundfield, evolving with the structure, and dissolving back into silence. Elements: rich earthy soundbeds, watery melodies, scintillating percussive inflections, and etheric veils that envelop the texture. Featured on "Hearts of Space"

Chrysalis - CD

Chrysalis combines sensuous textures, long melodic lines, subtle pulsating rhythms and rich atmospheric ambiences. The resulting soundcapes are rich in feeling and full of fascinating detail and nuance, worthy of many listenings. Featured on "Hearts of Space"


Solar Winds - CD

Solar Winds is the debut album of Chronotope Project, released in 2012.

Bert Strolenberg, of Sonic Immersion described it as “...a richly colored kaleidoscope of immersive textures along atmospheric, soft-breathing tapestries, all journeying gently and smoothly across the great beyond out there..."