Chronotope Project on Hearts of Space This Week

The nationally-syndicated ambient music program Hearts of Space is featuring the title track from Chronotope Project's "Solar Winds" in this week's program, also entitled "Solar Winds."

Other featured artists are John Lyell; Broekhuis, Keller and Schonwalder, Meg Bowles, Craig Padilla and Zero Ohms; Hollan Holmes; and Nimanty and Solarsoul. Stephen Hill describes the program in this way:

In summer, the energy of the sun seems more intense. But the sun is a nuclear furnace that never stops, and the sun's corona is so hot that high energy particles there reach escape velocity, flying into space at over a million miles an hour in a stream called the solar wind.

Made of ionized atomic particles and magnetic fields from the sun's corona, the solar wind is spun into a spiral as the sun rotates every 27 days. Here on earth, variations in the sun's magnetic field carried by the solar wind create auroras — the northern and southern lights — the plasma tails of comets, and geomagnetic storms that can knock out power grids.

On this transmission of Hearts of Space...another interstellar journey on electronic waves, on a program called SOLAR WINDS.

Check your local station for broadcast times and dates. For more information about the program, visit Hearts of Space: