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Chrysalis (2012, Relaxed Machinery, rM0032)

 “...a subtle and quite ambitious ambient/space release bridging smooth pulsations with dreamy, soft breathing textures, all spiced and deepened with extensive melodic curls and shapes."

  “The evocative and sensitive music glistens and evolves slowly, backed by some spatial percussive it gently carries along. The ethereal and the atmospheric "shake hands" throughout the single tracks, evoking similar imaginary spheres and rich emotions as found on certain Robert Roach and Steve Roach releases, while executing its own true voice.

 “...the sonic vistas created on"Chrysalis" are a mesmerizing kind of storytelling with a strong sense of wonder and true spirit running underneath. A good pair of headphones is highly recommended for immersing in the aural splendor of this quality ambient release.”

Bert Strolenberg, Sonic Immersion

  “Chrysalis...captivated me from the intrigued me and aroused my senses like a deeply intoxicating fragrance...[His ambient soundscapes] pervade and enhance any physical space and bring with them a positive and uplifting presence...There is an effervescence to tracks like the opener and title track Chrysalis--it moves and evolves...dancing into the subconscious of the listener. It is a pleasure to behold and to be held by this enrapturous music.”

 Thomas Mathie, Headphonaught Nanolog

  “Gently bubbling sounds are cleverly merged with warmly tinkling embellishments and other softly invading fragments, all surrounded by hauntingly celestial blankets. Gorgeously swirling, chiming and soaring with unmeasurable grace, shimmering beauty and balmy melodies. The mixture of sensitive tribals, ear-catching transitions and soothingly hypnotic zones is absolutely splendid, a true masterpiece igniting this luxurious journey.

“ ...Chrysalis is a brilliant album, a true masterwork displaying giant potential and refined musicianship by its solo protagonist. Yes, to me, Chronotope Project is undoubtedly one of the revelations of 2012!”

Richard Gürtler, Independent ambient music reviewer

 “One of the best new ambient artists out there, blew my mind. Highly cinematic movements. This is not a drone record, definitely an artist to watch out for, just buy it now, you won't be disappointed.”

  Ambient composer Blake Gibson (Broken Harbour), Bandcamp Review

 “Over the course of five tracks Chrysalis succeeds masterfully in creating a deep and engaging aural experience, where space and time are defined by the boundaries of an enveloping soundscape. It's a richly textured album with a number of layers to surround you with, and I find myself coming back to it repeatedly to experience that surrounded feeling, that warmth and richness. Chrysalis is a truly exceptional work that's already in the running for one of my favorite albums of the year, and I strongly encourage you to check it out for yourself.”

Rik MacLean, ping things

 ...Chrysalis offers lush detailing, the stability of consonance and a pleasant musical arc...Whether sliding from one rounded note to the next, or beautifully converting a spare evenly paced melodic line into dramatically shifting chords, the listener is constantly being invited inside the piece. Other galaxy-expanding works on Chrysalis pull our attention across a digital twilight realm defined by echoing chimes, slow slurring solos and a syncopated synthesizer pulse. Each chord change alters the direction, color and mood, and by album's end we feel a great resolution has been reached— - leaving us with much to dream about.”

 Chuck van Zyl, Star's End

 “Using lovely harmonic atmospherics and windchime-like articulations, he continually creates an alchemical space of gorgeously swirling, chiming and soaring sounds with immeasurable grace, glimmering beauty and balmy melodies. Jeffrey’s carefully built digital twilight realm is defined by echoing chimes, slow slurring solos and syncopated synthesizer pulses.”

Lloyd Barde, Independent Music Journalist, former CEO of Backroads

 “Lush sonic textures and ambient atmospheres evoke the element of space, with time being marked by gently pulsing rhythmic ostinatos and exotic percolating percussion. While some rhythmic elements evoke actual percussion instruments, others are created by unique and intriguing sequenced electronic sounds...His Buddhist meditation practice has taught him the value of spaciousness and given him a sense of the transcendent, which is embodied in his music. Reflecting the confluence of space and time, sound and spirit, Chrysalis merits my highest recommendation.”

 Michael Diamond, Awareness Magazine

 “Chrysalis has revealed itself as easily one of the best releases I’ve heard this year... [It is] a stunning piece of work. It sounds fresh each time you listen to it, and offers nearly immeasurable depth. It seems like there’s always something new to hear, a new place to be taken. Kudos to Jeffrey Ericson Allen. This is a standout recording.”

—John Shanahan, Hypnagogue

 Solar Winds (2012)

 “...a richly colored kaleidoscope of immersive textures along atmospheric, soft-breathing tapestries, all journeying gently and smoothly across the great beyond out there...I especially love the fifteen-minute "Redshift" with its polyrhythmic, minimal structure and spatial sequencing, all evoking lush and bright spaces. When heard with headphones, this pinnacle even more spreads a scent of magic and wonder as it slowly evolves.”

 Bert Strolenberg, Sonic Immersion

"Solar Winds is my kind of ambient electronic music...filled with light, feeling, warmth, movement & melody...What I particularly enjoy about the music presented on this album is the timeless quality of the expression ... something I've found, of late, digging into the ECM Records back catalogue. It's as if the music transcends time and trend to be something uniquely of its own making. I love that.”

Thomas Mathie, Headphonaught Nanolog

 “...The easy familiarity and the superb execution of the style make it very listenable. There is a wonderful softness to it, offset in places with the rigid maths of the sequencer. The balance is excellent. It’s quite loop-worthy, either as a pleasant backdrop or, as I’ve been doing, as a close-up headphone listen. Solar Winds is a very enjoyable journey.

John Shanahan, Hypnagogue


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