“[Lotus Rising]—Atmospheric, mystical, serene and soulful."

"Intensely enthralling and profoundly sensuous, Lotus Rising epitomizes a particular kind of affecting beauty and indescribable depth that can only be achieved via the inspiration and application of an authentic sacred tradition. Arguably…



Following-up the fantastic album Ovum released in 2017, Chronotope Project returns with another stunning release on Spotted Peccary Music entitled Lotus Rising. An Oregonian-based electronic music composer and cellist, Jeffery Ericson Allen is the musical architect behind Chronotope Project…


Ambient Visions

Chronotope Project aka Jeffrey Ericson Allen hails from Oregon with 7 releases under his belt so far and now he makes that 8 with the release of Ovum on Spotted Peccary records on August 4, 2017. Ovum is an introspective…


Journeyscapes : Ovum"

Electro-organic ambient bliss!

Chronotope Project is the recording alias of Oregonian ambient/electronic music composer and cellist Jeffrey Ericson Allen. His seventh recording, titled Ovum, is likewise his third release on the prestigious Spotted Peccary Music label, following his excellent Passages…


Passages -Star's End

Passages (49'43") by Chronotope Project opens as would a storm blowing in from paradise. Jeffrey Ericson Allen's drifting approach―warm in tone, and pleasantly melody-led―gives this music a welcome and distinctively uncommon atmosphere. With clarity and attention he articulates five…


Dawn Treader

Judging the high quality of his previous releases it was just a matter of time before Jeffery Ericson Allen, aka Chronotope project, would be signed to a record label, giving full scope to his contemplative art music. 

According the composer,  …

Dharma Rain album receives stunning reviews!

This stunning triptych builds on the style cultivated in previous releases, layering scintillating electronic sequences, lush atmospheric pads, gently percolating percussion and long lyrical melodic lines into an integral whole. The themes of all three tracks marry seminal concepts in…


Review of "Chrysalis" in Awareness Magazine

Chronotope Project is the musical nom de plume of composer, cellist and electronic music recording artist Jeffrey Ericson Allen, whose "sensuous ambient music" has graced the radio airwaves on Hearts of Space, Echoes and Star's End. The term…


Chronotope Project on Hearts of Space This Week

The nationally-syndicated ambient music program Hearts of Space is featuring the title track from Chronotope Project's "Solar Winds" in this week's program, also entitled "Solar Winds."

Other featured artists are John Lyell; Broekhuis, Keller and Schonwalder, Meg Bowles, Craig Padilla…

Star's End Review of Chrysalis

Artist: Chronotope Project
Album: Chrysalis

Released: 5 November 2012
Label: Relaxed Machinery 


Chronotope Project, the musical persona of Jeffrey Ericson Allen, produces an electronic music realized without turning off the conscious mind. His CD Chrysalis (72'12") presents five…