Hypnagogue Review of "Solar Winds"


Jeffrey Ericson Allen, recording as Chronotope Project, takes listeners on a classic spacemusic voyage on Solar Winds. From the very beginning, this disc resonates with familiarity as it charts its own course to the stars. In five tracks, Allen…


Review of Chrysalis in Sonic Immersion


CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Relaxed Machinery, 2102

The musician behind Chronotope Project is Jeffrey Ericson Allen, who has an eclectic background in classical, new acoustic and theatrical music. As a composer, Jeffrey is triggered by themes that contrast yin…


Ambientblog Review

Chronotope Project -Chrysalis

Reading the accompanying promo text you might fear we're slowly driftin off into New Age territory:"'Chronotope' refers to the essential identity of space and time..The music invites the listener to commune with this unified field


Chrysalis featured on "Hearts of Space"

The title track from Chrysalis headlines the most recent broadcast of the nationally-syndicated radio program "Music from the Hearts of Space," heard by 200,000 listeners nationwide. The program (PGM 1004) is entitled "Electronic North," February 15, 2013. Check local listings…


Chrysalis Review - Amazon

By Eugene Schultz 5 Stars * * * * * 2012 turned out to be a surprisingly fertile year for ambient music, and this easily ranks as my favorite ambient release of this year. Very organic, fluid, and mesmerising, but…

Chrysalis Review - Bandcamp

“One of the best new ambient artists out there, blew my mind. Highly cinematic movements. This is not a drone record, definitely an artist to watch out for, just buy it now, you won't be disappointed.”  


Chrysalis Review - Relaxed Machinery


Chronotope Project - Chrysalis Wow. Incredible. That's it, that's my review... ok kidding aside, this is an amazing album, a nice counterpoint to the more vaporous, unstructured albums released on rM this year. It's highly cinematic, Jeffrey [Allen] has a…