Review of "Chrysalis" in Awareness Magazine

Chronotope Project is the musical nom de plume of composer, cellist and electronic music recording artist Jeffrey Ericson Allen, whose "sensuous ambient music" has graced the radio airwaves on Hearts of Space, Echoes and Star's End. The term "chronotope" refers to the unity of space and time, in this case finding expression in ever-evolving permutations throughout the music. Lush sonic textures and ambient atmospheres evoke the element of space, with time being marked by gently pulsing rhythmic ostinatos and exotic percolating percussion. While some rhythmic elements evoke actual percussion instruments, others are created by unique and intriguing sequenced electronic sounds.

Classical composers Satie and Debussy have been as much of an influence for Jeffrey as contemporary artists like Steve Roach, Jonn Serrie, and Brian Eno. But these days, Jeffrey’s biggest inspiration is his Buddhist meditation practice which has taught him the value of spaciousness and given him a sense of the transcendent, which is embodied in his music. Reflecting the confluence of space and time, sound and spirit, "Chrysalis" merits my highest recommendation.


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