“[Lotus Rising]—Atmospheric, mystical, serene and soulful."

"Intensely enthralling and profoundly sensuous, Lotus Rising epitomizes a particular kind of affecting beauty and indescribable depth that can only be achieved via the inspiration and application of an authentic sacred tradition. Arguably one of Spotted Peccary’s finest on the label’s remarkable roster, Lotus Rising is a hypnotic masterpiece of tribal-esque ambient and electronic (inner) space music!

Lotus Rising easily ascends to the top of this artist's impeccable body of work." 

 —Candice Michelle, Journeyscapes

“[Lotus Rising]—A rich, fully formed musical environment we will want to visit over and over again."  

"Destined to become one of this year’s favorite albums, Ovum  is easily Chronotope Project’s most impressively cutting-edge work to date ...Ovum is certainly not to be missed, undoubtedly earning Jeffrey Ericson Allen a spot at the round table of ambient music’s finest! 

 —Candice Michelle, Journeyscapes

"Solar Winds is my kind of ambient electronic music...filled with light, feeling, warmth, movement and melody...It's as if the music transcends time and trend to be something uniquely of its own making. I love that."

 Thomas Mathie, Headphonaught Nanolog

"A deep and engaging aural experience, where space and time are defined by the boundaries of an enveloping soundscape. It's a richly textured album with a number of layers to surround you with, and I find myself coming back to it repeatedly to experience that surrounded feeling, that warmth and richness."

Rik MacLean, ping things

"...Jeffrey is a master alchemist in his blending of unique percussive sounds, both natural and sampled, and adding effects to them to create some of the most intriguing multi-layered rhythmic sequences that I’ve heard...Event Horizon is a quietly masterful release that now occupies a place in the upper echelons of my all-time favorite ambient electronic music"

Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus

“...the sonic vistas created on"Chrysalis" are a mesmerizing kind of storytelling with a strong sense of wonder and true spirit running underneath. A good pair of headphones is highly recommended for immersing in the aural splendor of this quality ambient release.”

Bert Strolenberg, Sonic Immersion

 “Chrysalis has revealed itself as easily one of the best releases I’ve heard this year... [It is] a stunning piece of work. It sounds fresh each time you listen to it, and offers nearly immeasurable depth. It seems like there’s always something new to hear, a new place to be taken."

—John Shanahan, Hypnagogue Review

 "Transcend through the stars of time and space, and get locked into a world of soothing, melodic music that will have you relaxing in peace all at once."

—Steven Gullota, Brutal Resonance

 “From chronicles of desolation, and still chill zones, to vigorous workouts of charged musical intrigue, Passages places the monumental right next to the incidental. Its ashen landscapes and moonlit fields, and then a fleeting moment of light at dusk, are meant to hold, then lighten the spirit. Chronotope Project thinks of the listener as a sensory register, and asks softly for our active engagement with his creation - so that these two solitudes may at last touch.”

—Chuck Van Zyl, Star's End

"Each successive album I have had the pleasure of hearing by Chronotope Project has taken it to the next level, and Dharma Rain continues this evolution. I especially enjoy listening to this music with headphones to be fully immersed in the richness of the sound, as well as tuning into all the subtle nuances and ear candy that accentuate the recording. This is an album that bears repeated listening, revealing hitherto unheard treasures each time."

—Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus

  "...joyful and relaxing, exuberant and contemplative, hedonistic and introspective. Most of all is it an utter delight to consume—and comes highly recommended."

—Thomas Mathie,Headphonaught's Nanolog

“One of the best new ambient artists out there, blew my mind. Highly cinematic movements. This is not a drone record, definitely an artist to watch out for, just buy it now, you won't be disappointed.”

—Blake Gibson, Composer (Broken Harbor)

 “In this carefully ordered experience we feel pulled along on a lovely current of dancing notes and tinkling effects - the signature languid lead line lulling us in calm kindness. Producing a warming energy, Jeffrey Ericson Allen will surely engage listeners beyond Spacemusic's monastic inner circle. However more minimal, with its evocative, rich and dark soundspace, synthetic mechanical pulsations and quietly commanding leads Dharma Rain will make most mainstream albums of New Age music seem secondary."

—Chuck Van Zyl, Star's End

 "...Ericson Allen's use of synths, guitar, loops, field-recordings and an extensive use of world percussion helps to narrate these expansive journeys ... giving form to something formless - a feeling ... the feeling of peace ... of grace ... of serenity ... and, most of all, the feeling of travel and of the journey itself.”

—Thomas Mathie, Headphonaught Nanolog

 “This is utterly contemplative and wide-screen dreamscape, constantly filled with blissful listening experience. Sheer beauty and splendor!..."Chrysalis" is a brilliant album, a true masterwork displaying giant potential and refined musicianship by its solo protagonist.”

—Richard Gürtler, Independent Music Reviewer

“...Galaxy expanding works on Chrysalis pull our attention across a digital twilight realm defined by echoing chimes, slow slurring solos and a syncopated synthesizer pulse. Each chord change alters the direction, color and mood, and by album's end we feel a great resolution has been reached - leaving us with much to dream about.”

—Chuck van Zyl, Star's End

The sonic vistas created on"Chrysalis" are a mesmerizing kind of storytelling with a strong sense of wonder and true spirit running underneath. A good pair of headphones is highly recommended for immersing in the aural splendor of this quality ambient release.”

Bert Strolenberg, Sonic Immersion

“This new album bring together a blissful hour that allows one to enter a state of intensified feeling. The sound itself incorporates an emotion that is so powerful that it produces a trancelike elevated sensation and it overpowers you right from the start all the way till the end with a feeling that is somewhere in between carnal and spiritual guidance.

Event Horizon marks the beginning of an odyssey, with nine movements that typically reflect the best transcendent auditory journey, from the ground to the sky, from the sea bed to the unknown horizon or from the unreachable universe straight to another dimension...It is Space Music and ambient sound in the purest form.”

—The Sirens Sound 

"From each listening session I hear something new - the mature delicate layering of sound, attention to detail and frequencies employed make for a beautiful experience - within and without."

Song Sabai



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