Dawn Treader

Judging the high quality of his previous releases it was just a matter of time before Jeffery Ericson Allen, aka Chronotope project, would be signed to a record label, giving full scope to his contemplative art music. 

According the composer, "Dawn Treader"(which is inspired by C.S. Lewis' eponymous sailing ship from "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader") is first and foremost an album about journeys, more particular the inner journey to greater integration and wholeness as a human being. Life sends the vessel, whether we ask for it or not; it is up to us how we navigate the great sea of the Unconscious. As such, the seven-track sonic voyage provided is in many ways a reflection and a response to a very personal journey of self-transformation, relating to some essential archetypal islands visited on this journey or helpful aspects of the self we may engage to move deeper into our voyage. 

The engaging cinematic outcome is lush, dreamy and evocative, featuring smooth evolving electronic sound tapestries along a rich assortment of processed sounds of flute, koto and other Asian and Indonesian instrumentation. Peaceful Asian flavor is depicted very nicely on "Basho’s journey", a most effective and emotive sonic drift and linger triggering the listeners imagination without effort, while a full electronic score makes up "Canticle for the Stars".
Occasionally, serene and immersive currents surface during the album’s carefully rendered, subtle and expansive music which never fails to fascinate. The finale features the track"She Who Hears the Cries of the World", originally a commissioned piece for solo Balinese dance which evolves quite complex and with a great sense of release and wonder. 

For how it stands now, a series of five more albums are to follow the beautiful and skillfully molded "Dawn Treader" over the next few years.


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